Public Drawpile Server

This is a free to use Drawpile server. To host a session here, select the Remote option in the Host dialog and enter in the text box.

This public server is provided primarily for the benefit of those who are unable to host sessions on their own computers. It has limited capacity, so please be considerate of others and try not to monopolize the available space.

See also the list of published sessions that includes other servers as well.

Before using this server, please read these terms of use:

  • Do not share any illegal material
  • Do not harass the other users
  • If your session contains adult content, please use the NSFM tag
  • This is a public server. There is no privacy even in password protected sessions. Sessions may be recorded for testing, development and/or moderation purposes.
  • Copyright of each contribution belongs to the artist. Ask for permission before reposting.

Violating these rules may result in an IP ban.

Active Sessions

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